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Free to explore. Free to discover.

Go ahead—let your body and your mind wander. Here in this inspiring place there is so much to see, do and experience. The astounding natural beauty and majestic terrain that surrounds you is prime for discovery. 

 Retreats, Workshops and Activities

Inspiring and unforgettable activities abound for those seeking movement, flow and energy. Retreats reveal knowledge and wisdom, allowing you to find true balance and harmony from within. Workshops expand upon ideas that integrate within your beliefs, enhancing life’s affirmations. It’s all part of your unique personal Journey.


Be reawakened and discover your true self.

Our three- to seven-day, all-inclusive retreats can help you uncover your strengths while opening your eyes to a world you never knew existed.

Whether it’s creating new life strategies, designing a more inspirational environment, removing the things that block you from achieving success, and a number of other life altering discoveries, you’ll come back inspired, renewed and refreshed. Open to all Mii amo guests.



Insight, guidance and intrique awaits you

Open to all Mii amo guests, our expert-led workshops present a kaleidoscope of enriching, enlightening tools and knowledge to fuel your growth and expand your world.


Come explore, absorb and discuss essential strategies to gain a clearer perspective on areas like managing stress, following intuition, the healing benefits of touch and much more. With a continuously evolving list, you’re sure to find something that fascinates and inspires.



In a setting this spectacular, activity abounds.

At Mii amo, the depth and array of activities and fitness opportunities is virtually endless. From daybreak to sunset (and even after the stars come out) there’s something for every interest and experience level.

Start your day with a sunrise stretch. Set your intentions in our Crystal Grotto. Explore the grandeur of Sedona’s Red Rocks with an expert guide. Pick up healthy pointers in a cooking demonstration. Then let the cosmos unfold above you with an evening of stargazing. The list goes on and on.