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2018 Mii amo Retreats

Open to all Mii amo® guests, these three- to seven-day, all-inclusive retreats encourage participants to explore and rediscover themselves through expert-led sessions and activities. Join us for a retreat and experience rejuvenation and enlightenment in many areas of life including career, nutrition, spirituality, holistic wellness and relationships.  Allow our curated retreats to help you find true balance and inner harmony.

Choose a retreat below, then pair it with the Journey that best suits your needs.


Astrology and the Art of Loving Yourself and Others

Presented by Kamma Bothe

January 11 - January 14, 2018

Astrology has fascinated people for thousands of years and is experiencing a certain renaissance again today. It gives insight into human nature, aiding self-discovery and personal growth. This powerful tool, as many have discovered, can reveal the depths of your personality, including skills, talents, motivations and challenges in any area of life. Astrology is far more than your Zodiac sign (Aries, Leo, etc.). Unlike your Zodiac sign, which is shared by millions, your birth chart is as unique as you are. It is your personalized map of life.Individual sessions in Astrology and Tarot will be available any time after the classes during the week.

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Zen of Happy  

April 22 - April 26, 2018

To be happy is what we seek most in life.  We each carry the sacred space of calm and joy deep within ourselves, we just need the tools to access.  Zen is a meditation path to awaken our inner joy and reclaim our inner happy.  Join Gita Wagner, lead therapist at Mii amo, will guide you to the tools to take happy home.