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THREE-Night Mii amo Journey


Follow along as we take you through an inspirational exploration of a three-night Journey.

Arrive in Sedona and take in the overwhelming beauty of the red rocks. Join our staff for a welcome reception in the Mii amo library and end your evening with a relaxing spa treatment, the first of many. Retire to your cozy guest room for a restful night of sleep.

Journey Day 1

After grabbing a refreshing smoothie at the Juice Bar, celebrate movement with morning Vinyasa Yoga and Qi Gong classes. Next, indulge in a therapeutic Traditional Thai Massage and relax your mind with a guided meditation in the Crystal Grotto. End your day with a nourishing meal and a glass of biodynamic wine at Mii amo Café.

Journey Day 2

Begin your final day with a Sunrise Stretch to awaken the body and prepare you for the day. After warming up, work with one of our certified trainers to create a customized fitness program, and take home a personalized routine. Then treat yourself to one of Chef Alex Pasco’s culinary creations at the Mii amo Café before relaxing poolside. Complete your Journey with Mii amo’s signature Inner Quest, a ceremony that allows you to reconnect with your inner self, and keep the sacred wisdom of the Native American culture alive.

Journey Day 3



Choose a Journey that resonates with your needs, your aspirations, and your desires.

Your All-Inclusive Journey Package Includes


Relaxing accommodations

Access to fitness facilities and hiking trails

Pools, steam room, sauna

Inspiring workshops

Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner

exclusive Mii amo robe and tote bag