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2018 Mii amo Retreats

Open to all Mii amo® guests, these three- to seven-day, all-inclusive retreats encourage participants to explore and rediscover themselves through expert-led sessions and activities. Join us for a retreat and experience rejuvenation and enlightenment in many areas of life including career, nutrition, spirituality, holistic wellness and relationships.  Allow our curated retreats to help you find true balance and inner harmony.

Choose a retreat below, then pair it with the Journey that best suits your needs.


Manifesting Peace & Joy Through the Four Directions 

July 15th - July 19th | BOOK NOW

Mii amo is your refuge from the world nestled in the Red Rocks of Sedona.  At Mii amo we embrace the rich tradition and culture on which our beautiful location was built. During this week of experiences, our staff joins with Native American teachers in the community to bring you an intimate and inspirational week of reflection and renewal. Utilizing the richness of the four directions used in Native American traditions East - Devine, South - Finding Ourselves, West - Finding our Relatives, and North - Finding Our Elders Wisdom - this series of experiences including ceremony and song will offer you the opportunity to journey back inside, back to the quiet, rooted spaces in your sprit and once again find peace and balance. 

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The Happiness Factor: How to be Happy No Matter What! 

August 12 - 16th or August 12th - 19th, 2018 

Identify your natural gifts and talents, be inspired to overcome adversity, and transform your life into one of satisfaction and joy. During this four- or seven-night Journey, discover the keys to being more optimistic, improving your relationships and healing from negativity. Open your heart and immerse yourself in Mii amo’s striking red rock landscape while gaining insight, awareness and a true sense of peace. Led by, Kirk Wilkinson, international bestselling author of three books including The Happiness Factor - How to Be Happy No Matter What and I AM STRONG: The Forumula to Build Your Self-Worth and Discover Your True Purpose from the Inside Out! 


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