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Autumn 2020 at Mii amo

With our commitment to being socially responsible for the health and safety of our guests, our team members, their friends and families, and our community, our availability for traditional spa treatments is presently reduced. This autumn, our promise is to work with you to the best of our ability to create a memorable and healing experience for you during your time with us.

While we continue to offer the traditional expressions of care through massage and body treatments, it may not always be possible to accommodate everyone fully through these methods. We are grateful during this time to be able to offer an array of other purposeful experiences. We ask for your patience and understanding and we invite and encourage you to allow us to show you the healing spirit of Mii amo.

Morning Ritual

Begin each morning in the Crystal Grotto, on the soft, red floor of Boynton Canyon, where our purpose is to lead you in focusing and elevating your intention for the day. While Morning Ritual holds the same intention every day, you may wake each morning with a different perspective, so the guidance you receive from us may vary from one day to the next. When the doors to the Grotto are open, you are invited to sit and linger, as you seek to deepen your connection to your intention or to this very special place. Private sessions are also available.

Labyrinth Walk

Whether guided or experienced on your own, the Mii amo Labyrinth presents an opportunity to seek in. Open your heart to receiving the gifts this powerful Canyon holds for you. There is no right or wrong way to walk a Labyrinth, there are only possibilities. We would be delighted to share them with you.

Stretch, Yoga and Other Classes

Our daily classes, discussions and explorations allow us to create intellectual, emotional, purposeful and healing connections with you. Daily Stretch and Yoga classes focus on the slower and gentler forms of each practice, with any sessions held outdoors as the day allows. A Canyon Walk on property, Pilates Mat, Qi Gong and Vortex Lectures are offered throughout the week with opportunities to reserve private sessions.

Mindful Offerings

Through the Mii amo Mii time series, Meditations and Mii amo Moments are available to you at any time through our website. We offer these to you as a bridge to us when we are not able to be of service to you in person.