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Guided Audio Meditations

Mii amo Meditation Series

Restore your mind, body and soul with a unique meditation from Mii amo. Set your intentions for the week ahead as we harness collective energy, positivity and the connection with oneself, all from the comforts of your own home.

Breath and the Four C’s

Breath and the 4 c’s – Calmness, Clarity, Confidence and Courage: Transcript

Find a nice quiet place, and allow yourself to get comfortable, either on a chair, or a cushion on the floor. Now straighten your spine , close your eyes and feel yourself sink into the space below you. Allow yourself to let go and to release any tension you are holding in your body and in your mind, now surrender and open yourself to receive all that is here for you in these moments and in this space. Start to bring forward your intention, your wish, your desire on what you would like to experience, create, and receive today.

Begin to go deeper within yourself, deep in to that sacred space that’s there within you, this place that is the essence of you where all things are, the reflections of light into your true self, your beautiful soul, connect and feel this place of light within you, Now Imagine a very pure bright light of energy coming down from the universe resting just above your head, allowing this light to enter in through the top of your head, moving down into your mind, relaxing your mind, down into your neck and your shoulders releasing any tension, moving down through your arms into your palms and fingertips. Now move this beautiful bright light energy into your heart center, feeling your heart fill with love, light and peace, feeling this beautiful energy in your heart center, moving down into your belly, your hips, your legs, down into the soles of your feet and your toes, feeling so relaxed and more open to receive. Now bring your mind deep within yourself, within your belly and imagine a cave with a candle burning, go into your cave taking a seat behind your candle making yourself comfortable here focusing on the flame.

As you focus on the flame, start to bring your awareness to your breath, inhale…and as you exhale feel yourself connect deeper into this space within you. Follow your breath with your awareness, as you inhale, feel your belly rise, and as you exhale let your belly fall, inhale….and exhale, inhale and exhale. If any thoughts start to come in let them come in and then watch them leave, and come back to the flame of the candle. Keeping your awareness gently on your breath, inhale…exhale, inhale…and exhale, continue with this breath feeling even more relaxed, and connected, as you begin to feel a gentle wave of calmness begin to fill you as you inhale…and exhale.

Feel this beautiful wave of gentle calming energy flowing through your body and mind, surrender to this peaceful energy as it fills your heart center, filling you with love and peace with this gentle wave of calmness, feeling this beautiful peaceful energy opening your heart, feeling calm and content, surrender to this wave of calmness as it fills you, feel it encase you, let it surround you. Feel this calming energy opening an awareness into your life, a sense of stillness that cannot be disturbed, becoming more clear mentally, emotionally and physically, feeling more light more expansive, tranquil, peaceful and calm as this beautiful bright calming energy continues to fill you and surround you, feeling at ease within yourself, with your life, and the world around you, coming back to the center of your being, your natural state of peace and calmness, to the connection within yourself, your essence, your soul, feeling peaceful and whole, beginning to connect or connecting to a sense of clarity that’s here within you.

Now feel this clarity within you begin to expand, and bring your focus to the sense of a greater clarity within in your life, to a sense of clarity within yourself , a knowing and feeling of what is best for you and is true. Feel this clarity of mind, a strong sense of clarity in your heart and body, giving you a sense and feeling of freedom in this knowing, becoming brighter and feeling more light, and feeling the amazing freedom that this clarity brings to you, Feel it, sense it, see it, It’s so easy to sense and feel this clarity that’s here within you now , knowing it to be true and right for you, with a clear certainty that you can feel grow within you . Stay open to this bright clarity that is here, keep sensing this within your beautiful yourself, feeling clear as you begin to feel a confidence begin to grow within you.

Now bring forward and connect with that strong confident, self-assurance that is here or there within you, this confidence that is here for you to access at anytime, a self-assurance you can feel, trust, and rely on, allow this confidence to come forward and believe in yourself, feeling your spine straighten, standing taller, feeling stronger, more clear with a presence of mind in this confident way, trusting yourself, knowing that you got this, and all that comes your way, that you have the ability and this strong confident quality to move through all of what life brings to you, feeling this confidence with ease and grace. Keep connecting with this feeling as it becomes even greater within you as this confidence grows, giving you the courage you need.

Keep connecting with the gentle courage and strength that is there in your beautiful heart, the feeling of this courage that is there within you. Believe and sense this knowing, that in your life and in your world, this bravery, courage and dignity is there. Bring forward this gentle strength and courage here in your heart, feel it in your body, this power that is gentle, yet firm. This courage that brings strength and determination to accomplish and create what you need in your life, even if it is just to be still, to allow yourself to move forward, and do what you know within yourself that is right and true for you, bring your focus to it, and feel this courage, this bravery, this gentle strength within you, feeling calm, clear, confident and full of courage. Stay connected with all of these beautiful aspects of you as you move through your day and through your life. and know it is always here for you to access at any time.

As you hear the sound of the crystal bowl, allow the vibration to fill you and feel your energy expand to all of these beautiful aspects that are here within you.

Now gently feel yourself come back to space, back to your body, to the here and now, feel the bottoms of your feet, your legs, your hips, begin to move fingers and toes. Slowly open your eyes feeling refreshed, calm, clear, and confident, and have a beautiful day.

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