Destination Spa Resort in Sedona | Mii amo

Health and Wellbeing Experiences

Fitness & Exercise

Find balance through a variety of movements that encourage you to seek in and uncover a world of vibrant health and wellbeing. All experiences are subject to change. Please contact us directly for more information about a particular class during your stay.

Ab Attack

Achieve desired core muscle burn and increased core strength in this 45-minute workout.


All Ages Yoga

A fun version of gentle energy yoga with tapping, stretching and movement, this activity takes place outdoors and is great for families.


Barre Conditioning

Lengthen, strengthen and increase flexibility with a full body conditioning workout, incorporating ballet barre.



Utilize a half-ball BOSU Trainer to improve strength, flexibility and balance.


Canyon Walk

Awaken the body and revitalize the senses with a picturesque walk around the resort.

Foam Roller Fusion

Release muscular tension, improve mobility and increase circulation by utilizing a foam roller and other fitness tools.


HIIT Boot Camp

Experience a fast-paced full body workout with short interval training exercises.


Improve posture, body alignment, muscle endurance, balance, coordination and mental awareness with a workout that engages the entire core.


Achieve maximum fitness results by alternating short intervals of high-intensity training.


Total Body Lift

Experience a total body weight training class that alternates strength training with cardio in a fun, inventive way.

Signature Mii amo Experiences

Discover the unique experiences at our Sedona wellness resort and spa.