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Give the Gift of Travel

A Mii amo gift card is more than a token of affection. It’s an invitation to experience one of the world’s most exclusive destination spas for a wellness Journey. Mii amo is a private resort exclusive to Mii amo or Enchatment Resort guests only. To redeem the value of a gift card, guests must be staying at the resort. We have provided pricing to help guide you when purchasing your gift card.*

*Prices are a suggested total. Pricing varies depending on the time of the year. Journey packages do not include alcohol. 

3-Night Journey

On Average $3,000

4-Night Journey

On Average $4,000

7-Night Journey

On Average $7,000

Unique Gifts & Treasures

Find unique one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone curated by our team at Mii amo.