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Guided Audio Meditations

Mii amo Meditation Series

Restore your mind, body and soul with a unique meditation from Mii amo. Set your intentions for the week ahead as we harness collective energy, positivity and the connection with oneself, all from the comfort of your own home.


Clarity Transcript

Feel your body begin to relax, close your eyes and feel yourself sink into the space below you. Allow yourself to let go and to release any tension being held in your body, and releasing any thoughts that fill your mind, now surrender and open yourself to receive to all that is here for you.

Imagine a pillar of very pure crystal clear light energy, filling and surrounding you, allowing this clear beautiful light energy begin to flow into and through your body and mind, feeling yourself let go to the pure crystal clear light energy that’s now flowing within you. As this beautiful light continues to fill you, feel yourself self-surrender to it. Now bring your mind into to your belly, and imagine a cave with candle burning, go deep within your cave and make yourself comfortable here connecting with your beautiful light, essence and soul. Focus on the flame, and with each breath sinking deeper into this connection within you.

Now Start to bring your focus to the intention of a greater clarity within in your life, to a strong sense of clarity within yourself , a knowing and feeling what is best for you at this time, keep focusing on the flame, and now opening to an awareness, a sense that lets you feel and begin to see the transparency of clarity coming to you, feeling it within you, clarity of mind, a strong sense of clarity in your heart and body, giving you a feeling of freedom in this knowing , with this clear understanding of awareness that’s here within you , becoming brighter and feeling more light, and feeling the amazing freedom that this clarity brings to you, Feel it, sense it, , see it, It’s so easy to sense and feel this clarity that’s here within you now , knowing it to be true and right for you., with a clear certainty and confidence that you can feel within you . Stay open to this bright clarity that is here for you now, keep feeling and sensing this within your beautiful yourself, essence and soul.

Let this pure crystal energy light keep filling you, and your clarity becoming even greater,
As you hear the sound of the bowl, allow it to move through you expanding this energy even more within you.

Now start to bring your mind back to your body, back to this space of the here and now. Coming back to yourself, feeling clear, bright, free, and full of joy, now open your eyes staying with this sense of clarity with you in your state of being.

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