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Guided Audio Meditations

Mii amo Meditation Series

Restore your mind, body and soul with a unique meditation from Mii amo. Set your intentions for the week ahead as we harness collective energy, positivity and the connection with oneself, all from the comforts of your own home.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Transcript

This meditation is dedicated to all the beautiful loving mothers everywhere, and the beautiful loving mom within us. Close your eyes and begin to open yourself to feel and share what in your heart on this beautiful special day, on this Mother’s Day. A day to acknowledge, to show gratitude, and to take a moment to appreciate our beautiful moms, and the maternal feminine within all of us.

Imagine a pillar of soft warm loving energy above you, feel this beautiful loving light fill you and surround you with its pure beautiful loving light, bring this light into your heart-center, feeling your heart expand with into soft warm loving light energy. Now start to bring your loving thoughts and memories of your mother to your mind, begin to see or feel her presence, her beautiful essence sitting across from you. Open and connect your hearts loving energy with hers, feeling this love that you have for her within you connecting with her, sending it to her. Feel your heart expand, share this with her, your pure gratitude, and appreciation of all of who she is and what she had done, letting her know what she means to you with this connection and love. Acknowledging her love and care of you, her patience and kindness, and all of the loving support she gave to help shape you to the person you are and have become. Feeling the gratefulness, the loving appreciation, and feeling so blessed to have her as your mom in this life. Feel your love and appreciation of her expanding your heart feeling it connecting it with hers. Take a moment and let this beautiful warm love fill you both as this connection continues to grow and flow between you.

Now bring your attention back to your open warm loving heart, letting it expand within you, feeling for yourself, and allowing yourself to receive and feel this soft warm loving energy, fill your heart, feeling the appreciation, and gratitude for your beautiful self. For all you do, the nurturing, love and care you give to others in your life and in this world. The nurturing and all the thoughtful ways that you do, the beautiful mom within you. Feel this connection to your essence, to your beautiful soul, feeling this gratitude and love within you grow.

Now bring your awareness the soft warm loving light within your heart, and acknowledge the maternal feminine within all of us, showing the love and care we all have to give others. Feeling grateful to be able to take these moments to feel the beautiful loving essence of who we truly are. This connection within, that is connected to all.

Feel this connection of the soft warm love within you, the love and appreciation of your beautiful mothers on this day, and your beautiful loving self.

As you hear the sound of the crystal bowl, allow it to move through you expanding this loving energy even more.

Now start to bring your mind back to your body, back to this space of the here and now. Coming back to yourself, feeling your fingers and toes, feeling loved and connected, your heart wide open filled with love for your mom and for your beautiful self.

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