Two women meditating in a spa room with sun shining in from the ceiling

Virtual Series

Mii Time Live Sessions

Mii Time Live Sessions allow you to experience the magic of Mii amo from the comforts of your own home. Joined together near and far, we continue the Journey and share the healing spirit of Boynton Canyon through our virtual series.

Mii Time Live Sessions

Full Moon Ceremony

Ushering in the full moon phase, this session, led by Kim McDermott, senior member of the Mindfulness Team at Mii amo, shares an explanation of what the full moon represents and a guided meditation to connect with the full moon’s energy. A ritual includes writing down what you want to let go of in your life, sharing this and closing with a meditation to clear all that you want to release.

New Moon Ceremony

Coinciding with the new moon, this gathering represents new beginnings and an opportunity to speak your dreams out loud. A guided meditation will allow guests to connect with the new moon’s energy and bring forward all that you want to create at this time. The ceremony includes writing down your intentions, visions of what you want to create and experience in your life. Finally, reflect and share insights into what is important to you currently and then, a closing meditation to help bring your desires and intentions to fruition.

The Mii Time LIVE series will feature sessions focused on:

  • Cooking
  • Canyon Bathing
  • Flute Meditation
  • Full Moon
  • Journey of Teas
  • Juicing & Smoothies
  • Labyrinth Meditation
  • New Moon
  • Prayer Arrows
  • Summer Solstice Ceremony

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