Mii amo, a destination resort

Native American Inspired

We honor and respect Native American traditions and take great pride in the authenticity of our treatments and the power and history of our surroundings. Upon arrival, we celebrate the start of every Journey in the place the Western Apache knew as Che Ah Chi, “beautiful red rocks”, with a gift of juniper beads. These Navajo “ghost beads” are a symbol of honor to those who have gone before us and serve as a guide while you are on your own Journey.

Architecture & Design

Enchantment Group commissioned Gluckman Tang (formerly Gluckman Mayner) Architects of New York, known for award-winning projects like the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, the Whitney Museum expansion in New York City, and the Guggenheim Museum in Berlin.

The result is a fusion of Anasazi-inspired colors and design elements, contemporary eclectic architecture, and a pristine environment. The 24,000 sq.ft., the two-level main building is nestled into the natural slope of a red-rock canyon wall. Simple lines, monumental forms and natural materials such as adobe brick, wood details, and indigenous stone blend organically with the surroundings of this Sedona Arizona destination spa.

Natural light and water are recurring themes, and interior and exterior spaces flow into one another. Communal areas and pools are on the ground level, with treatment rooms housed in five adobe brick towers. Native American-inspired colors, design elements, and hand-woven rugs, with bamboo and terrazzo floors, enhance the architecture of Mii amo.



Boynton Canyon

The creation of this unique Sedona destination spa was inspired by one of the most spectacular natural settings on earth, Boynton Canyon, and by many Native American cultures that grace the region. The canyon has been known as a place of healing and according to Yavapai-Apache legend, it is where with First Woman, time and life began again.


Native American Inspired Therapies

The beauty and vitality of Boynton Canyon are sacred to local Native American Nations. We honor and respect the Native Americans traditions and take great pride in the authenticity of our treatments and the power and history of our surroundings. Guests enjoy treatments and therapies such as the Spirit of the New Moon: Manifesting, Soul Seeker and Inner Quest, just to name a few.


Crystal Grotto

The philosophical heart of Mii amo is the Crystal Grotto, a special place inspired by a Native American Kiva. The circular room has an oculus in the domed ceiling positioned to focus the sun’s rays (on the day of the summer solstice) directly onto a quartz crystal in the center of the room. These rays link the heavens and earth by “lighting” a petrified wood fountain and crystal mandala on the Grotto’s earthen floor. Every morning, guests are invited to join the Morning Ritual in the Crystal Grotto where they are guided towards acknowledging and setting their intentions for the day.

Signature Mii amo Experiences

Discover the unique experiences at our Sedona wellness resort and spa.