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Privacy Policy

Enchantment Resort is committed to safeguarding your privacy whilevisiting its website namely, Our goal is toprovide you with an internet experience that delivers the information,resources and services that the Resort has to offer and is relevant toyour needs. To achieve this goal, part of the operation of the Siteincludes gathering certain types of information about Site users. Weunderstand that your privacy is important, and wish to explain the typesof information we may gather and the way in which we would use it. ThisPrivacy Policy applies to the Site.
This policy will cover two types of information gathered at the Site:personal and aggregated. The term 'personal information' refers to datayou voluntarily provide while using the Site that identifies you and/orthe company on whose behalf you are accessing and using the Site.Examples of personal information may include data in connection with ourservices, such as your name, e-mail address, phone number, companyaffiliation, physical address and/or certain other personal information.The term 'aggregated data' refers to general information regarding Sitevisitors and users that relates specifically to the Site, e.g. trafficpatterns, number of visits to certain pages, visits from other web sitesor to third-party web sites linked to the Site, use of particularservices and interest in services, information or features of the Siteor other parties made available through or found at the Site.

What information is collected about you? How do we use it?
Enchantment Resort takes the utmost care to ensure that the personalinformation we obtain from you is not used in a way that you may not beaware of or may not be agreeable to. You may wish to submit aninformation request about the Resort, participate in one of ourpromotions or subscribe to our e-mail or postal mail lists. In response,we may ask for information such as your name and postal address. In theevent you opt to provide us with this information, we will only use itfor the purpose specified by you at the bottom of the informationgathering form. In deciding whether or not to join such lists, pleasenote that they are only used for Enchantment Resort purposes. We do notsell, rent or share any of your personal information with any otherparty including third-party joint promoters, nor use it for commercialpurposes.

Permission for Use
Enchantment Resort may collect and use personal information that yousubmit at the Site in any manner consistent with uses in this PrivacyPolicy or disclosed elsewhere in the Site at the point you submit suchpersonal information. At the time you submit personal information ormake a request, the intended use of the information you submit will beapparent in the context in which you submit it and/or because the Sitestates the intended purpose. By submitting personal information at theSite, you are giving consent and permission for any use that isconsistent with uses stated in this Privacy Policy or disclosedelsewhere at the Site at the point you submit such personal information,and such consent will be presumed by Enchantment Resort, unless youstate otherwise at the time you submit the personal information. Pleasedo not request any such communications on behalf of an individual orcompany if you are not authorized to make the request.

Withdrawing Consent to Use
If, after permitting use of your personal information, you later decidethat you no longer want Enchantment Resort to include you on its mailinglist or otherwise contact you or use your personal information in themanner disclosed in this Privacy Policy or at the Site, simply tell usby sending an e-mail.

Use of Aggregated Data
Enchantment Resort is interested in improving the Site and may developand offer new features and services. We monitor aggregated dataregarding use of the Site for marketing purposes and to study, improveand promote use of the Site. In connection with such purposes,Enchantment Resort may share aggregated data with third partiescollectively and in an anonymous way. Disclosure of aggregated data doesnot reveal personal information about individual Site users in any waythat identifies who they are or how to contact them.

Exceptions to the Privacy Policy
Enchantment Resort has two exceptions to these limits on use of personal information:
1. Enchantment Resort may monitor and, when we believe in good faiththat disclosure is required, disclose information to protect thesecurity, property, assets and/or rights of Enchantment Resort fromunauthorized use, or misuse, of the Site or anything found at the Site.
2. Enchantment Resort may disclose information when required by law;however, only to the extent necessary and in a manner that seeks tomaintain the privacy of the individual.

Use of Cookies
To enable features at the Site, Enchantment Resort may assign one ormore 'cookies' to your Internet browser. Cookies, among other things,speed navigation though our Site, keep track of information so that youdo not have to re-enter it each time you visit our Site, and may provideyou with customized content. A cookie is an Internet mechanism composedof a small text file containing a unique identification number thatpermits a web server to send small pieces of information or text bymeans of your browser and place them on your computer's hard drive forstorage. This text lets the web server know if you have previouslyvisited the web page. Cookies by themselves cannot be used to find outthe identity of any user.
We use cookies to collect and maintain aggregated data (such as numberof visitors) to help us see which areas are most popular with our usersand improve and update the content on our Site. While in the process ofbrowsing our site, you also provide us with information that doesn'treveal your personal identity ¨C what type of destination you'reexploring, for example. We use this aggregated data only as explained inthis Privacy Policy. We do not connect aggregated data to any name,address, or other identifying information.
You may occasionally receive cookies from unaffiliated companies ororganizations, to the extent that they place advertising on our Site orare linked to the Site. These third-party cookies may collectinformation about you when you 'click' on their advertising or contentor link. This practice is standard in the Internet industry. Because ofthe way in which the Internet operates, we cannot control collection ofthis information by these third parties, and these cookies are notsubject to this Privacy Policy.

Children's Privacy & Parental Consent
Please be aware that Enchantment Resort has designed this Site to beused for information only purposes by all ages. However, as with anySite parental consent is encouraged.
You must be at least 18 years old to make reservations and/or submitpersonal information on our Site. Should Enchantment Resortinadvertently acquire personal information or any other data from usersunder the age of 18, Enchantment Resort will not knowingly provide thisdata to any third party for any purpose whatsoever, and any subsequentdisclosure would be due to the fact the user under 18 used the Site andsubmitted personal information without solicitation by or permissionfrom Enchantment Resort.

Links Provided to Other Sites
Enchantment Resort may provide links to a number of other web sites thatwe believe might offer you useful information and services. However,those sites may not follow the same privacy policies of EnchantmentResort. Therefore, we are not responsible for the privacy policies orthe actions of third parties, including without limitation, any web siteowners whose sites may be reached through this Site, nor can we controlthe activities of those web sites. We urge you to contact the relevantparties controlling these sites by accessing their on-line policies forthe relevant information about their data collection practices beforesubmitting any personal information or other sensitive data.

What Information is Secure? What isn't?
E-mail communication to and from our site is not secure unless clearlynoted otherwise. This is a risk inherent in the use of e-mail. Please beaware of this when requesting information or sending forms to us bye-mail.
When working with our internal database created online opt-in activityon site, we employ industry standardencryption technologies to help protect consumer data.

User Consent to This Privacy Policy
Use of this Site signifies your consent, as well as the consent of thecompany for whom you use the Site and whose information you submit (ifany), to this on-line Privacy Policy, including the collection and useof information by Enchantment Resort, as described in this statement,and also signifies agreement to the terms of use for the Site. Continuedaccess and use of the Site without acceptance of the terms of thisPrivacy Policy relieves Enchantment Resort from responsibility to theuser.

Policy Modifications & Contacting Enchantment Resort
Enchantment Resort reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy atany time; notice of changes will be published on this page. Changes willalways be prospective, not retroactive. If you have any questions aboutour policies, please contact:

Enchantment Resort
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