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We receive signs and messages every day from the universe. They show up in many ways. Listen to this short lecture to learn how to become more aware of these signs and how to ask for them. Embrace and enjoy the connection of these beautiful universal signs that are all around us.

Recognizing Universal Signs

Recognizing Universal Signs Transcript

Hi. My name is Kim McDermott and I am a senior member of the Mindfulness Team here at Mii amo. Welcome to my presentation on recognizing universal signs.

Universal signs are messages from the universe, from your higher power, your guides and angels, and our loved ones that have crossed over. These signs show up as synchronicities or coincidences in our life. They are the moments where you stop and turn your head and think, “Well, that was interesting.”

When that happens, it means it was specifically for you, so allow yourself to become aware and pay attention to see what’s there for you. Sometimes the signs we receive are to let you know you are not alone, to say hello, or just to let you know that you have been heard in what you have been asking for.

Sometimes the signs are subtle and then there are really big signs, which is says to you, “Do you hear us now? Yes, that was for you!” Sometimes we need that big sign. The signs from the universe are all around us to connect with, and show up in so many different ways, so allow yourself to tune in to your environment and become aware of how they show up for you.

I receive signs all of the time. I am very connected with angels and animals, so this is usually how my signs show up for me and why I am sharing this information with you. They are a big part of my life. They always make me smile, and I am very grateful for them. They help me remember there is so much to connect with than just our 3D world, that we are supported in big ways and that we are not alone.

One way that the universal signs can show up is through numbers. Numerology is powerful in its messages and meanings. Numbers are a universal language. They are a powerful way for spirit and our angels and to communicate with us here in our physical world. Numbers hold energy, so it shows up for us in different ways for information and messages.

In today’s digital world numbers are around us all the time, on our watches, our phones, tablets, and computers. When they start to show up in repeating sequences, it means there is a message for you. When you continuously see the same numbers over and over again, it is trying to get your attention.

Some sequences that are common to see are 111 or 333, and so on, 444, and 555. They may also be random numbers that show up throughout your life or at certain times in your life, that come to you over and over again, such as 62, 41 or 1014. What are the numbers that come to you? The numbers that show up in sequences are the most common, I think of them as angel numbers and the universe letting us know we are not alone.

When you see the sequences over consistently, such as for three days in a row or every time you glance at the clock, this is when there is a message and meaning for you. As I was putting this presentation together for you, I just looked down at the clock and it was 11:11. I love these universal signs!

To me, this is my confirmation that I am exactly where I am supposed to be in sharing this information with you. Eleven-eleven is a number that carries strong codes of initiation, intuition, spirituality, and enlightenment.

Numbers many times are called angels numbers, it is a way for the angels to connect with us to receive messages. The number 111 is a message from your angels or your spirit guide. It is their way of telling you that the universe is open to you, that your thoughts and ideas are ready to be manifested. For this reason, many numerology experts refer to the number 111 as an angel number.

The number of 333 is a message that your angels are just nearby, ready to help and reassure you that your plans are going well. It sends the message that your prayers have been answered and seeing 333 means that whatever you requested for is on its way to you.

An angel number 555 means you’re about to experience a positive change and you need to be prepared. So know that change means growth, and allow yourself to embrace it.

Another way signs and communication from the universe are through animals. Animals are very pure spirits and can be used for messengers for us in different ways. Our loved ones that have crossed over to the other side, love to show you they are around by using the animals. There are so many stories that after loved ones are gone sometimes almost immediately animals start showing up and it is their spirit and energy saying, “I am ok, and am still here with you.”

They can show up as birds, or butterflies and most anything in the animal world, and usually there is a sense within us that we know it is them. I feel they use the animal kingdom, so they can let you know they are free now, but are still near, just in a different way.

Just the other day, I was thinking about my father who passed away over 20 years ago. I had a couple for a session here at Mii Amo called ‘Red Rock Inspiration’ which is a guided meditation and is done outside to connect with this beautiful majestic canyon here. The husband was a Firefighter, and my father was a Fireman in Chicago. It brought a warm feeling of my father to my heart as we talked about being a Fireman and really how special kinds of people they truly are.

Part of the meditation was giving this couple space to connect with the canyon and nature, so I was off to the side, and suddenly a red cardinal landed right in front of me on the ground only about 5 feet away. And he stayed there and faced me and kept looking up at me. This went on for longer than a minute. I knew that was my Dad saying hello.

I love when my signs come to me, they make me smile and I am always so very grateful. Cardinals have been considered messengers sent by the spirit world for thousands of years. This symbol spreads across a number of different cultures and signifies an important or meaningful relationship.

Ravens also come to me often as well, and to me and represent my connection to the universe. They are consistent in my life and show up sometimes more than others, and when that happens I know there is something good coming into my life, and they will show up in a way that there is no coincidence that the message is for me.

Last year on my birthday in October, I was driving up the canyon to Mi amo to come to work early in the morning. It is a two-lane scenic road that goes both ways. It was quiet, and I was the only one this road at the moment. There was a raven flying slowly towards me on the other side of the road very low, about the height of the top of my SUV.

As he reached my car he did a U-turn and flew along side of me for about a mile. That was a very special experience for me and brought tears of joy to my eyes for the magic that was there with me that day, and to be aware of that connection. Raven represents prophecy and insight. Ravens are about connecting the material world with the spiritual world.

So when an animal shows up in your life, in a way that gets your attention, take a moment to receive the connection. The internet is such a great source to find out what the meanings and messages of these signs are. There are books on animal medicine, which specifically are about the animals that show themselves to you in your life and their meanings. There are books on numbers and numerology and their meanings as well. Allow yourself to explore.

There may be times when you have a question about something in your life, and shortly after you have a conversation with a stranger or a friend that says something that is the answer to what you were asking or looking for. It’s those one-off moments where it grabs your attention and that’s when you know it’s for you.

Sometimes it shows up in songs that we hear where something has been on your mind to make a decision or you are unsure of and you turn on the radio as you are driving or in your house and suddenly a song comes on with exact words you need to hear for the answer you are looking for. Or a song comes on that reminds you of a loved one that has been on your mind.

However it shows up to enjoy! The signs are truly around you, it’s just a matter of opening up to them, asking for them and becoming more aware of your environment and what’s in your path.

I am sure you all have your experiences as well. Keep asking for these signs and the more you become aware or ask for your signs, the more they will keep showing up for you. Sometimes almost immediately or sometimes it will show up more subtle a few days later. Test it and see what happens and see how the universe, your guides and angels respond to you.

Thank you for joining me, and I wish you many magical signs to come your way in your life.
Have a beautiful day.

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