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Mii amo, a destination spa in Sedona

Signature Experiences

Mii amo is renowned for its location, spa services and guest experiences that provide healing, comfort, inner peace and balance. Explore some of our favorite guest experiences below.


Our experts will highlight the bright and fascinating stars that fill the Sedona skies starting at twilight.


Vortex Lecture

Discover the energy and power associated with vortexes on an informative walking lecture.



Experience the power of sound and mantra meditation in the acoustic healing environment of the Crystal Grotto.


Morning Ritual

Guests are invited into the Crystal Grotto for a daily ceremony where we will guide you towards acknowledging and understanding your intention for the day.


Wine & Watercolors*

Sample some of our Sommelier’s favorite wines while learning how to capture Sedona’s stunning red rocks in watercolors.


Canyon Bathing

A quiet, private experience in the canyon with a Mii amo guide. Canyon Bathing is being present in nature with all of our senses fully alive. This practice can have a remarkably healing effect, and it can also awaken in us our profound connection with all living things. We will be connecting with the energy, the timelessness and the wisdom of this sacred canyon and all that is here within it.

Guided Meditation

Experience profound relaxation in the Crystal Grotto or the Labyrinth as our consult staff guides you on a sacred journey of self-awareness.


Recognizing Universal Signs

Learn how to recognize and become more aware of the signs in our everyday life. These signs can be confirmations in our decision making or can be understood as support from the universe. Signs can be shown through animals, song, nature and many other ways. This interactive lecture will take you back to past events where signs were present and how to recognize them more fully in the future.


Full Moon Ceremony

The Full Moon represents the culmination, energy, completion, fruition and celebration as well as releasing and shedding the old to pave way for a whole new cycle that includes letting things go that no longer serve you. Enjoy a presentation on the Full Moon and its meaning, as well as a releasing ceremony and meditation.


New Moon Ceremony

The New Moon is a time to create new beginnings and manifest the wishes and desires in your life. Enjoy a presentation on the Full Moon and its meaning, as well as a releasing ceremony and meditation.


Labyrinth Walk Meditation

A meditative mind is easier for some to achieve through movement. You will be led on a meditative walk through our labyrinth.

*Denotes an Enchantment Resort activity, available to Mii amo Journey guests for an additional fee. Your Journey Guide will provide additional details and arrange reservations.

Signature Mii amo Experiences

Discover the unique experiences at our Sedona wellness resort and spa.