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Take Time for Yourself

Spa and Wellbeing

Our commitment to ‘Slow Wellbeing’ is intrinsic to the Mii amo experience.

Our kind, caring and intuitive team members co-create with you,
offering guidance and support to discover what your needs are in the present moment.

We invite you to seek in at Mii amo.

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Slow Wellbeing

Mii amo celebrates the concept of ‘slow wellbeing’ by offering the time and space to reflect, reconnect, restore and re-engage with the facets in our lives that most fulfill us.

As part of a commitment to ‘slow wellbeing,’ Mii amo will extend the lengths of all treatments. Formerly offered in 60- or 90-minute sessions, the new Mii amo standard will be 75-, 100- or 125-minute sessions.

Spa Services

The refreshed spa menu will include a selection of services unique to Mii amo as well as guest favorites. Sound and light therapy, CBD offerings, and an expanded range of personal consultations have been added.

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Spa Renewal

The Mii amo spa now includes 21 treatment rooms: 14 single massage rooms, three facial rooms, two wet rooms, one sound lounge and one couple’s massage room as well as new steam rooms and saunas.

A new consultation wing with a dedicated relaxation space has been added to provide a private setting for sessions with Mii amo’s mindfulness team and therapists.

New Skincare Partner

Mii amo features skincare products by BABOR, a leader in professional skincare across Europe. BABOR became 100 percent Climate Neutral Certified in 2020, further elevating the brand’s sustainability focus and aligning with Mii amo’s emphasis on connection with the natural environment.

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