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Guided Audio Meditations

Mii amo Meditation Series

Restore your mind, body and soul with a unique meditation from Mii amo. Set your intentions for the week ahead as we harness collective energy, positivity and the connection with oneself, all from the comforts of your own home.


Abundance Transcript

Welcome to the Mii amo destination spa Mii Time Meditation Series. This Mii Time meditation focuses abundance.

Begin to bring your focus to your breath. Inhale, and as you exhale, release any tension that may be held in your body. Feel your body sink further into wherever you are sitting. Your body will begin to feel lighter and more relaxed.

Now bring your awareness to your heart center and allow yourself to begin to receive. Imagine a beautiful light of abundance begin to enter into your heart center. Then let it move and fill each part of your body, feeling grateful for this beautiful light of abundance. Feel this abundance within you–all around you. Begin to feel grateful, and feel joy in your body, and in your life.

Now bring an intention forward on where you want this abundance to manifest in your life. Begin to see it. How does it look? See it overflowing in your life. Then, begin to feel as if it is already there. How does it feel to have it? Be grateful for it. Continue to let this beautiful light of abundance into your life as you intend. It is always there for you. Feel it. Keep allowing yourself to connect with it and receive it.

Now start to bring your mind and your body back to this space. Feel relaxed, joyful and grateful for the overflowing abundance you have just received.

Thank you for joining us. Have a beautiful day.

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