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Uniquely Mii amo

Honoring our place and committed to our roots, these services, found only at Mii amo, represent how we have served our guests with inspired innovation for over twenty years.
Chakra Balancing

Scented vibrational oils aligned with the body's seven chakra centers are used in conjunction with their coordinating colors of minerals, crystals, and stones. The oils vibrate at the frequency of each chakra and, when combined with energy work, guide you toward more balance and clarity. - 100 Minutes

Connection Ceremony

Times of transition can be challenging regardless of whether they are happy, sad, rocky, or fluid. In this ceremony, you can meet these moments by letting go, saying good- bye or welcoming in, because connection can take many forms. Each individual ceremony is created to help you through a transition. Your transition may be connected to a specific event, such as a birth, a passing, or an anniversary. Or, it may be a broader life circumstance such as the evolution of a relationship. - 75 Minutes

Inner Quest

Take this journey of exploration in a safe and trusted place and open yourself to the possibility of deep inner clarity. Ceremonial elements of braided sweet grass (representing the braids of grandmother), rawhide drums (to open the four directions), and cedar/sage oil (sacred plants) are all part of a journey that when together with our skilled guides make this a Uniquely Mii amo experience. - 75 Minutes


This is an invitation to discover how your personal energy expresses itself. A meditation and energy reading lead to an in-depth exploration into duality and your innate intelligence that lives beyond it. - 100 Minutes

Intentional Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy in a uniquely Mii amo way. By combining the uncommon partnership of ten essential oils and ten intention-setting cards, this treatment approaches aromatherapy by essence rather than by sense of smell. It includes a dry body brush exfoliation with a light, flowing massage. - 75 Minutes | 100 Minutes

Intuitive Massage

Combining a gentle massage with an energy reading, your therapist balances and integrates the various aspects of your psyche. Both healing touch and conversation are carefully attuned to your needs so you may deeply reconnect to your sense of wholeness. - 75 Minutes | 100 Minutes

Soul Consciousness

Through a variety of healing modalities, a master therapist shares techniques that help support heightened awareness, new perspective, or reconnection with your inner self. Techniques may include guided imagery, energy work, emotional release, soul journey, and breath work. Become more conscious of your hidden gifts and restore harmony and balance to your life. - 100 Minutes

Massage & Bodywork

While massages and bodywork are fundamentally different, there is cross-over between the two. Bodywork is generally focused on cause and effect and involves working more closely with the therapist to achieve a directed and specific outcome. Massage is a more passive experience of receiving and relaxing. Whereas Bodywork relates more closely to a performance connection with fitness, massage is more engaged with the healing power of touch. Please ask us if you would like to learn more about which connection is right for you. In each case, an introductory dialogue with your therapist allows your treatment to be personalized.
Ancestral Stone Massage

Ancient cultures around the world believe that our ancestors work through stones to support our healing journeys. This modern- day interpretation incorporates both hot and cold stones. Basalt stones are used for their thermodynamic qualities that maintain heat and transfer energy while marble stones remain cold resulting in a direct effect on the cardiovascular system and relaxation of the muscle tissue. - 100 Minutes


Our CBD massage begins with a dry brush and hot compresses, to prepare the body to receive the healing benefits of the CBD oil. Then, using a combination of massage techniques and application of a high potency CBD salve, stress, anxiety, and muscle tension are relieved. - 100 Minutes

Deep Tissue

Known for going deep into muscles, slow, deep strokes using sustained pressure target muscles and connective tissue to relieve soreness. - 75 Minutes | 100 Minutes

Four HandsAbhyanga Shirodhara

Abhyanga is an ancient Ayurvedic full body massage. Two therapists work in complete synchrony during this four-handed massage. Afterwards, a traditional Shirodhara treatment streams a steady flow of warm sesame oil from your third eye cascading back and over your scalp. It calms the mind, relieves stress, and promotes restful sleep while soothing the central nervous system. - 100 Minutes

Head, Neck and Shoulders

If you carry stress in your neck and shoulders, this therapy combines acupressure with targeted massage to improve blood circulation and ease tension in these areas. - 75 Minutes


This light, rhythmic massage stimulates detoxification and increases circulation while moving the flow of fluid though the lymphatic system. This service requires you to be clothed, so please arrive wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. - 75 Minutes

Massage Cupping

This ancient practice dates to 1550 BC. We use a modern form of cupping by manipulating tissues with special cups that move across your major muscle groups. This movement flushes out pain and inflammation and draws nutrients into the tissue. - 75 Minutes | 100 Minutes

Mother-to-be Massage

Designed to nurture and support both mother and baby, this gentle massage focuses on the body areas most affected by pregnancy. Prenatal massage deepens a sense of calm, relaxation and helps improve sleep. - 75 Minutes | 100 Minutes

Myofascial Release

When stress accumulates in the fascial tissue (the connective tissue around your muscles) it becomes dehydrated, resulting in chronic pain. Using various gentle motions and targeted pressure on the fascia, this treatment relieves the tightness that causes muscle restrictions. This is a dry massage in which no oil or lotion is used. - 75 Minutes | 100 Minutes


This soft tissue manipulation helps to improve the function of the central nervous system and aids in skeletal system alignment. Using no oil or lotion, static, consistent pressure is applied to a specific area of the body, helping to reduce pain and tension. This massage can be very relieving for those with chronically contracted muscles. - 75 Minutes | 100 Minutes


Nerve endings in your feet correspond to organs and systems in the body. By strategically applying pressure to these nerve endings, reflexology can help reduce pain, stress, anxiety, and induce better sleep while calming nerves. - 75 Minutes


Our approach to sports massage is a proven percussive therapy technique that not only reduces tension in your muscles but moves lactic acid out of your muscle tissue. It is a full body massage targeted to address your specific area of need. This service requires you to be clothed, so please arrive wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. - 75 Minutes | 100 Minutes


The most soothing and gentle massage of all, a Swedish massage promotes relaxation by relieving muscle tension using soft, long strokes on the outermost layers of your muscles. - 75 Minutes | 100 Minutes

Table Thai

Please request Table Thai if you have mobility issues. This service is similar to the Traditional Thai treatment with the comfort of being performed on a massage table. This service requires you to be clothed, so please arrive wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. - 100 Minutes

Traditional Thai

Performed on a traditional Thai floor mat, this ancient practice increases range of motion in joints and muscles. It combines passive stretching, yoga-like positions, and compression along energy lines to improve flow. This service requires you to be clothed, so please arrive wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. - 100 Minutes


Using only the finest products and advanced facial techniques, each treatment delivers results that go beneath the surface, resulting in a healthier, brighter complexion.
Cupping Facial

This unique method uses cups to separate skin layers. This triggers an inflammatory response, stimulating collagen production and strengthening your skin and its connective tissue. - 75 Minutes | 100 Minutes


Designed to address the special needs of men's skin, this facial considers the effects of daily shaving and how it can sensitize skin. - 75 Minutes | 100 Minutes

Healthy Aging

Active ingredients from the sea work together with customized face, neck, and décolletage massage techniques to tighten muscles and tone. - 100 Minutes

Lymphatic Facial

Working to stimulate the lymphatic system, this facial focuses specifically on detoxification, enhancing blood circulation and delivering fresh oxygen to tired, overworked skin. - 75 Minutes | 100 Minutes

Mii amo Facial

After an assessment of your skin type and any concerns, your esthetician will create and deliver a custom protocol to address your skin's needs. A variety of purposeful techniques and products may be selected to hydrate, reduce redness, clear acne, detoxify, plump or smooth your skin. - 75 Minutes | 100 Minutes

Body Treatments

Our Body Treatments include varying types of exfoliations, wraps and massages. Each has its own special union of products and protocols with results that will delight both the body and mind.
Desert Mist Body Renewal

This scrub, wrap and full body massage deliver head-to-soul healing. A soft magnesium scrub calms and reduces inflammation, and is followed by a clay wrap, which draws out toxins and improves circulation. Finally, a relaxing body massage utilizing a rich body butter moisturizes the skin. A tension-releasing face and scalp massage complete this experience. - 125 Minutes

Dosha Balancing Wrap

This Ayurvedic treatment addresses your unique constitution (Dosha). It begins with a scent journey of three Dosha-balancing oils. Light, rhythmic strokes soothe the skin while preparing you for a warm, detoxifying, herbal-infused wrap. An energy-opening Ayurvedic Marma- Point facial massage finishes this experience. - 75 Minutes

High Desert Enzyme Wrap

After a whole body detoxifying dry brush, a light wrap of botanical and fruit enzyme oils stimulate the skin's ability to repair and hydrate. Now your skin is ready for a peptide-infused body lotion that nourishes and increases cellular rejuvenation. - 75 Minutes With a Swedish Massage 100 Minutes

Jojoba Body Butter Wrap

Native to Arizona, jojoba is a drought tolerant shrub seen across our landscape. Our jojoba shea butter is loaded with antioxidant properties. When wrapped in the butter after an exfoliating bee balm sugar scrub, it easily absorbs deep into the skin leaving your complexion supple and smooth. - 75 Minutes

Energy and Spirit

Approached with an open heart and mind, these powerful sessions take you on journeys that foster clarity, deepen insights, and guide you toward finding your inner wisdom.
Energy Clearing

Let go of what no longer serves you. Whether it be guilt, emotional tension, grief, grudges, or old beliefs, your practitioner invites you into a new space by asking what you long for in your life. Through conversation, ritual, clearing of your auric field and energy clearing bodywork, your therapist helps you release the old and invite the new. - 75 Minutes | 100 Minutes


Originating in Japan and used in many cultures for over 2500 years, this healing modality moves static or blocked energy out of the body. In scientific studies on the effects of Reiki, significant improvements in anxiety, pain, and sleep quality have been documented. This service requires you to be clothed, so please arrive wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. - 75 Minutes

Reiki Healing

This healing ritual is performed by your practitioner prior to and in conjunction with a Reiki session. It raises your frequency, which clears your energy field and allows you to better receive the healing powers of Reiki. This is one of the highest levels of Reiki and can only be performed by a Reiki Master. This service requires you to be clothed, so please arrive wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. - 75 Minutes | 100 Minutes


During your session, a licensed hypnotherapist will guide you into a trance-like state. Using verbal cues and imagery, you will be brought to a heightened level of focus leaving you more open to suggestions. Perhaps you would like to better cope with anxiety or a loss, gain control over an unwanted behavior or be more open to something. Hypnosis has been proven to help move people through personal challenges and overcome difficulty. Kindly indicate your focus when reserving this service. - 75 Minutes | 100 Minutes

Earth's Embrace

High, nervous energy makes it difficult for the nervous system to fully relax. In this healing experience, warm basalt stones are laid around your body creating compression and beginning the process of calming the nerves. The stones surround you with Earth's grounding embrace, from which you may emerge centered and with greater fluidity to navigate life. - 75 Minutes

Cranial Sacral

Using the pulse of your brain's fluid and the central nervous system membrane, your therapist will find disruptions and, with gentle pressure, release stress in the fascia (your body's connective tissue) to boost your body's own ability to heal, regulate and correct itself. This service requires you to be clothed, so please arrive wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. - 75 Minutes

Past Life Regression

Using hypnosis to induce a deep state of relaxation, your certified hypnotherapist will guide you on an exploration of past life memories that may provide insights into who you are today and why you do the things you do. - 75 Minutes | 100 Minutes


A professional astrologer offers insights into the patterns in your life. Please make your reservation for this experience twenty-four hours in advance. Your astrologer will need your birthdate, birthplace, and time of your birth in order to prepare your chart prior to your session. - 75 Minutes | 100 Minutes | Duet 125 Minutes

Aura Photography

By collecting the electromagnetic energy that is emitted from your body and translating it into our physical world, an aura photograph displays the colors of the chakras surrounding you. Here at Mii amo, your aura photograph is taken both before and after a guided meditation so your practitioner may provide you with an in-depth reading as to why the photos differ and how you have the power to balance your own chakras and auric energy. - 75 Minutes | Duet 100 Minutes

Reading of the Moment

Using any combination of Tarot Cards, Palmistry, Numerology and sometimes the Pendulum, an intuitive guide will take you on a journey to find more clarity and give you a higher level of understanding of your current life's path. Focusing on what is foremost in your mind in this moment gives this special session its name. - 75 Minutes | Duet 100 Minutes


The mind, like your body, needs care, and meditation is a way to fulfill that need. It is a practice that can bring inner peace, clarity and renewed conversation within oneself. All sessions may be shared or made just for you.
Basics of Meditation

If you would like to learn how to meditate, we recommend beginning with the basics. Breath, awareness, and relaxation are taught through guided imagery and breathing techniques. Even for experienced meditators, coming back to the basics can also be a good practice. - 75 Minutes

Journey Through the Chakras

Working through each of your chakras, this meditation grounds and connects you with each one of your energy centers. - 75 Minutes

Spirit of Nature

Our busy, day-to-day lives can lead to a disconnection from nature. Here, in this powerful, beautiful and tranquil setting, your mindfulness practitioner will help you to rebuild awareness and connection to the healing power of the natural world. - 75 Minutes

Labyrinth Walk

A quiet, meditative mind can be hard for some to achieve. An outdoor meditation through our labyrinth is an excellent way to clear the mind and 'move' into a meditative state. - 75 Minutes

Sound Resonance Therapy

Everything in our universe is based on energetic vibration resonating with its own signature frequency. We offer two ways to experience how sound can profoundly affect your wellbeing and put you into a quiet state of mind.
Healing Sound Bath

Crystal Singing Bowls, placed around your body while you are lying on a mat, work directly with your individual energy by channeling it through your core. The sounds emanating from the bowls can reduce stress, calm adrenals, and increase clarity. - 75 Minutes

Sound Escape

Relax in a zero-gravity lounger while gentle beats of music vibrate up and down your spine. This can be a deeply moving experience, so your therapist will always be present for you. - 75 Minutes


An interactive and engaging experience that calls upon connecting through the canyon’s energy.
Medicine Wheel

This ceremony journeys through the four cardinal directions of the compass points and the natural elements of each. East (air), West (water), South (earth) and North (fire) each have a guiding spirit symbolizing the four stages of life, offering lessons and gifts that support the development of a balanced life. - 75 Minutes

Spirit of the Full Moon: Releasing

The full moon is a meaningful time to clear your emotional and spiritual slate by releasing what no longer serves you. This ceremony begins with the act of writing down what you want to let go of and burning it, providing a metaphorical and visceral release. A full body massage using sage oil that has been infused with the light of the full moon supports you in your journey. Offered exclusively on two days around the Full Moon. - 100 Minutes

Spirit of the New Moon: Manifesting

The new moon is a powerful time to invite in your wishes and desires for your life. In this ceremony, your practitioner guides you through a grounding and reflective footbath, the penning of your intention, and a full body massage in which geranium and pine oil are used to open your mind and expand your energy level. When finished, we hold on to your written intention for one lunar cycle and on the following new moon we bury it in the Canyon where it composts into the powerful and grounding earth. Offered exclusively on two days around the New Moon - 100 Minutes


We know that mind, body, and spirit work together to create harmony within you. These sessions teach you how to move, breathe, eat and sleep so you may achieve a more balanced life and a healthier way of living.
Compassionate Communication

Going deep into heartfelt and authentic communication, this session is based on the work of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg and his belief that communication is the foundation for human connection. When we are able to hear one another's needs more clearly and with empathy, the result is conflict resolution in a peaceful and non-confrontational way. You will leave this session with practical, real-world tools to speak truthfully and listen with an open heart. - 100 Minutes | Duet 125 Minutes

Empowered Life

Support and guidance are offered so you are free to explore changes you are experiencing in your life and gain new perspectives. We provide tools to help you step through these changes with grace, understanding and self-compassion. - 75 Minutes

Integrative Breathing

Breathing techniques led by your practitioner begin your process toward a natural, steady breath that will create inner calm. Next, your practitioner will guide you into an accelerated breath. The resulting blood oxygenation helps to detox cells where memories, emotions and stress may be held. - 75 Minutes

Personal Connecting

This session is customized to address whatever you may be facing at a given time, such as personal or work transitions, gaining clarity about an issue that has been on your mind for a while or understanding something that you have had difficulty grasping. Your guide will provide you with tools that you may use in your day-to-day life as you navigate what you are facing. - 75 Minutes

Sacred Sleep

Whether your challenge lies in falling asleep, staying asleep, not getting enough sleep, or getting too much, this consultation provides you with the knowledge and tools you need to develop a healthy relationship with sleep so you may begin to get the rest you want and need. - 75 Minutes

∞ From our beginnings

This symbol indicates our guests’ most requested and warmly-embraced experiences.

≈ Mother-to-Be

This symbol indicates services that are maternity-safe and comfortable for both mom and baby. Our certified practitioners understand the special needs of pregnancy and are therefore able to nurture you through this special time. No essential oils are used. Please note these are our only Massages, Facial, Body, and Specialty treatments safe for expectant mothers.

*Kindly indicate your due date at the time of reservation so we may best accommodate your needs.

Celestial Cycles

As we move through our lives, we are subtly influenced by celestial cycles and seasons. Every day, we observe the rhythm of the sun rising in the morning and setting at night. Its orbit creates internal patterns that flow within us while the change in seasons tells its own story to our souls. Each of the four seasons offers unique energetic qualities and influences.

Tailored to express each season and its cycle, this menu of services offers comfort and guidance on your journey through the four seasons. Each treatment draws on the color, element, and unique qualities of its cycle to provide a connection between yourself and the natural flow of the world around you.


Available March 1st – May 31st Spring is a time of new beginnings. This season relates to the East, where the sun rises and connects to the element of air and the color yellow. The Spring Equinox on March 21st is the day of perfect balance between day and night. Birth and rebirth bring inspiration, seeds are planted, and new ideas emerge.
Ideas Emerge Meditation

- 75 Minutes

Inspiration Massage

- 75 Minutes

New Beginnings Facial

- 75 Minutes


Available June 1st – August 31st Summer reminds us to grow and flow. This season is connected to the South, the sun at its highest and hottest point of the day, the element is water and the color blue. It expresses youth, which brings infinite possibility for manifestation and taking action. The Summer Solstice on June 21st is the longest day of the year.
Grow and Glow Facial

- 75 Minutes

Infinite Possibility Meditation

- 75 Minutes

Manifestation Massage

- 75 Minutes


Available September 1st – November 30th Fall is a time to appreciate the harvest. This season is related to the West, where the sun sets. The element is earth and the color red. The Fall Equinox on September 21st is the perfect balance of night and day. Embrace your connection to the earth and express gratitude for the fruits of your labor.
Appreciate the Harvest Facial

- 75 Minutes

Embrace the Next Cycle Meditation

- 75 Minutes

Gratitude Massage

- 75 Minutes


Available December 1st – February 28th Winter is centered in wisdom. This season relates to the North, the night, and the element of fire as well as the color black. The Winter Solstice on December 21st is the longest night of the year. The Elder Years offer wisdom and a time to reflect, go within and share experiences and personal insights.
Centered-in-Wisdom Facial

- 75 Minutes

Going Within Meditation

- 75 Minutes

Reflection Massage

- 75 Minutes

Spa Specifics

Everything we do from the amenities and individual care offered, to the guidelines we ask you to respect have been designed to personalize your experience.

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Mii amo is open daily from
6am until 9:30pm

Age Requirements
Spa Services are available for guests
16 and older

A Quiet Place
Please keep in mind that Mii amo is a tranquil place. Kindly help us maintain our peaceful environment when enjoying the communal areas by speaking softly and not speaking on cell phones or playing music or videos in shared spaces.

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Enchantment Resort Guests

Enchantment Resort guests (ages 16+) enjoy access to Mii amo. All Enchantment guests may use the Fitness and Movement studios, dine at Hummingbird, and are invited to attend the twice- daily Mii amo Crystal Grotto rituals and visit the Juice Bar and the Boutique. Guests with confirmed reservations for spa services at Mii amo are invited to enjoy the communal areas of Mii amo, which include the Living Room, Pool, Sauna, Whirlpool and Steam Room) on the day of their service.

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Preparing For Your Experience

Please check in at the Mii amo Front Desk at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment. This will allow you time to change and relax before your therapist greets you. Spending time in the Steam Room, Sauna, or Whirlpool is a nice way to unwind before your treatment begins.

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What To Wear

For most spa treatments, it is customary to disrobe completely; however, you should undress to your level of comfort. Our therapists are trained to keep you properly draped throughout the treatment, respecting your privacy at all times.


For Traditional Thai, Table Thai, Reiki, Reiki Healing, Sports Massage or Cranial Sacral wear loose-fitting clothing that allows for stretching.

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Change and Cancellation Policy

If you must change or cancel an appointment, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance of the treatment time to avoid being charged the full value of your service.

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Prices do not include tax, gratuity or service charge. For your convenience, a standard 20% gratuity will be added to your folio and charged to your room or credit card following the completion of your service.

Spa menu and prices may change without notice. Shared services are available for select treatments for an additional $50 per person. Spa menu and pricing effective January 2023.

Take Mii amo Home

These services, part of the Mii Time series, allow you to experience the same nurturing connections of Mii amo while at home. Offered via Zoom videoconferencing.

  • Compassionate Communication
  • Basics of Meditation Empowered Life
  • Sacred Sleep
  • Personal Connecting

Imagined as a bridge between your time at Mii amo and your life outside of Mii amo, Mii Time encourages you to continue to nurture your practice. Joined together near and far, we continue the journey and are always here for you.


∞ From our beginnings

This symbol indicates our guests’ most requested and warmly-embraced experiences.


≈ Mother-to-Be

This symbol indicates services that are maternity-safe and comfortable for both mom and baby. Our certified practitioners understand the special needs of pregnancy and are therefore able to nurture you through this special time. No essential oils are used. Please note these are our only Massages, Facial, Body, and Specialty treatments safe for expectant mothers.

*Kindly indicate your due date at the time of reservation so we may best accommodate your needs.