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Guided Audio Meditations

Mii amo Meditation Series

Restore your mind, body and soul with a unique meditation from Mii amo. Set your intentions for the week ahead as we harness collective energy, positivity and the connection with oneself, all from the comforts of your own home.


Courage Transcript

Find a nice quite place, and allow yourself to get comfortable, either on a chair or a cushion on the floor, now straighten your spine and close your eyes , and begin to let go, feel yourself sink into the space below you, feeling yourself release any tension being held in your body, feel your whole body begin to relax, releasing any thoughts that fill your mind, now surrender and open yourself to receive to all that is here for you in these moments, in this space.

Imagine a wave of energy beginning to flow through you, this wave of energy of welcoming soft strength that begins fill you, continue to receive this energy light, feeling more relaxed and open to receive. Feel this energy, letting it fill you, feeling it surround you.

Now let this wave of welcoming soft energy light begin to fill your beautiful heart-center, this place of your essence and soul., feel it expand within you, connecting with the gentle courage and strength that is there in your beautiful heart, the feeling of this courage that is there within you . Believe and become aware, sensing this knowing, that in your life and in your world, this bravery and fearlessness is here. Bring forward this strength ,and courage with dignity that is here (there) in your heart, feel it in your body , in your mind, this power that is gentle, yet firm .This courage that brings determination to accomplish and create what you need in your life , giving you the strength and courage to move forward, and do what you know within yourself that is right and true for you, bring your focus to it, and feel this courage, this bravery , this gentle strength within you, feeling this courage and strength grow inside you, as you continue to receive the soft energy of light that is there flowing though you,

As you hear the sound of the crystal bowl, let this welcoming soft strength and courage energy expanding more within you.

Now start to bring your mind back to your body, back to this space of the here and now. Coming back to yourself, feeling your courage, your strength, now open your eyes staying with this feeling that is there and keep it with you in your day and your life.

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