Personal Coaching

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Collaborate with one of our certified instructors to create a customized training session and elevate your practice.

Strength Training
75 min |  $300 per person

Be empowered to lift, push, pull and use all the equipment in any gym. Instruction will include introductory or advanced use of dumbbells, kettlebells, cables, TRX and machines.

Traveler’s Workout
75 min | $300 per person

Traveling can throw a wrench into any workout ritual. In this consultation, our trainer will help you explore techniques that can be performed on your travels without gym equipment or weights. Designed to help the traveler stay toned and healthy on the road.

Fitness Program Design
100 min | $400 per person

If you seek to begin a new program or improve an existing one, our certified trainers will guide you through a customized fitness program design. You will take home a strength, cardiovascular and/or flexibility routine built for success.

Mat Pilates
75 min |  $300 per person

Using pilates principles, you will work with one of our certified personal trainers to build, lengthen and strengthen your core muscles and improve overall balance and stability. This can be booked as an individual session or a shared session for two.

Private Yoga
75 min | $300 per person

Whether you are a novice or practice yoga on a regular basis, our yoga instructors can design a yoga session focused on your desired yoga type, skill level and interests. This can be booked as an individual session or a shared session for two.

Partner Yoga
75 min | $350 per session

Partner Yoga is a practice that brings two people together through yoga and touch.  The practice involves physical postures, conscious breathing, touch, intimacy, trust, communication and play.  Partner Yoga creates the opportunity to be in an interdependent partnership.

Foam Roller Fusion
75 min | $300 per person

Release muscular tension, improve mobility and increase circulation by utilizing a foam roller and other fitness tools.

Stretch and Recover
75 min | $300 per person

One of the most satisfying and important elements to exercise not often practiced is post-workout recovery. The Stretch and Recover class is ideal to help your body recover and improve flexibility.

Unleashing Flexibility
75 min | $300 per person

A personalized service offered to the guests that aim to increase muscle flexibility, lengthen, and improve joint mobility and body alignment using percussive therapy, and other tools paired with yoga routines, pilates elements, stretching routines and individualized corrective exercises.

Designed for various athletes, professional dancers, for those who practice yoga and pilates; greatly suitable with people with a sedentary lifestyle, as well as with those who are recovering from injuries and muscle discomforts.

Restore and Recharge
75 min | $300 per person

An individual service offered to the guest, which aims to significantly relieve, or remove excessive tension in soft tissues using percussive therapy, massaging balls, and other tools to restore optimal tone and increase body energy. Designed and intended for athletes of various sports, for people involved in fitness, and for people who just beginning their fitness journey.

Nutrition for your Health
75 min | $300 per person

When challenged with various health or weight concerns, it is time to re-examine daily food choices. Receive specific nutritional and wellness advice on how to stay strong and balanced.

Integrative Breathing
75 min | $300 per person

Breathing techniques led by your practitioner begin your process toward a natural, steady breath that will help create inner calm. Next, your practitioner will guide you into an accelerated breath. The resulting blood oxygenation helps to detox cells where memories, emotions, and stress may be held.


*Fitness and Wellbeing menu and pricing may change without notice. Shared services are available for select services for an additional $50 per person.